Want the Unusual from Places to Eat in Gulf Shores, AL? Try Alligator.

How do you define exotic food? Travel down to cities where Alabama meets the Gulf Coast, and you might just have a taste of dishes you’d consider exotic – but is just really part of regional cuisine.

One of these is alligator meat.

A Southern delicacy

That’s right – if you visit a few homegrown places to eat in Gulf Shores, AL, you might be the one taking a bite of that legendary man-eater. Alligator meat has long been a staple of Southern cooking, starting with the Native American tribes that dominated the region before the colonial periods. Creoles – descendants of French and Spanish settlers – then incorporated it into their cuisine.

Restaurants may serve alligator as either starters or main courses. (Two regional specialties, gumbo and jambalaya, can include this as an alternative meat portion.) Meat from the ribs and tail are most frequently used in cooking, as are the animal’s eggs.


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