Fun Facts to Know When You Eat Nachos at Orange Beach Restaurants

With Orange Beach’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, it’s not surprising that many Mexican dishes are served at Orange Beach restaurants. And, when it comes to Mexican fare, few are as iconic as nachos.

Great as a snack or paired with drinks, this dish is well-loved by both locals and tourists. But, how well do you actually know your nachos? As it turns out, its background and history is just as interesting as its flavor.

What’s Up with That Name?

For starters, why are nachos called “nachos?” As it happens, “Nacho” is the colloquial or nickname version of Ignacio. Guess who invented Nachos? A man named Ignacio Anaya, a chef at the Victory Club restaurant in Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico. Fans of nachos should know this name by heart.


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